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Friday and Saturday in St. Thomas Church

The Supper Table - Decreasing Horror | Increasing Love

Large-scale installation and transmedia concert for 95 artists, Marketplace
02.09.2017 - 08:00

A 42-metre long table surrounded by 95 chairs will suddenly fill Leipzig’s market square from 2nd September. This powerful installation forms part of the trimedial artwork “THE SUPPER TABLE – decreasing horror | increasing love” by composer and media artist Thomas Christoph Heyde. In the evening, the medieval-looking table will become the setting for one of the most spectacular and complex works of our age: 95 singers spread amongst the audience will give the première performance of the original Latin texts of Martin Luther’s 95 theses. Above the heads of the actors there will also be large video screens that can be seen from a great distance and which will carry feeds from cameras moving along the table

further date: 02 –04.09.2017 (installation)

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Forum Zeitgenössischer Musik Leipzig / LUMALENSCAPE
Kohlgartenstraße 24
04315 Leipzig

Event location:

04109 Leipzig