Hear the St. Thomas Boys Choir live

Friday and Saturday in St. Thomas Church

Kirchentag on the Way in Leipzig: Music. Debate. Life.

25. – 28. of May 2017

“Music. Debate. Life” will be the three themes of the Kirchentag on the Way in Leipzig. In 1519 the city of Leipzig was the scene of a heated and eloquent public debate between Luther and his opponent Johannes Eck, who was loyal to Rome. This clash of theologies over indulgences and the papacy eventually led to Luther’s break with Rome. And almost 500 years later the Disputation will be out on the streets of Leipzig again.

Leipzig is also musically devoted to Luther. This is the city of Bach, who set Luther’s words and ideas to music like no other. And so you will be able to hear Protestant music-making from University Music, the St. Thomas Boys Choir and trombone bands. Kirchentag on the Way in Leipzig is also about changing perspectives – you can discover the city by water or on foot, take a seat at the biggest coffee table in Leipzig or fall into conversation in lively cultural venues and bars. Entirely in the spirit of the “Sound of Leipzig: Music. Debate. Life”.

Further information at: www.r2017.org