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Friday and Saturday in St. Thomas Church


Lucas Cranach and the Motifs of the Reformation

01.03.2016 bis 01.01.2018

Lucas Cranach the Elder, who was born in 1472 in Kronach, Upper Franconia, and died in 1553 in Weimar, and his son Lucas Cranach the Younger (1515–1586) are considered amongst the most important... More information

Special exhibition: “Martin Luther and the cultural shift in the age of confessionalism”

21.05.2016 bis 31.10.2016

Initial “R” from the collective indulgence at St. Nicholas Church in Eilenburg (Photo: Eilenburg Town Council)
With both the ongoing Luther Decade celebrations and the upcoming Reformation Jubilee in 2017, the Reformation and Martin Luther continue to be at the heart of Eilenburg’s cultural calendar.... More information

Sensation – Propaganda – Resistance: Luther, the Pamphlet and the Consequences

01.11.2016 bis 31.07.2017

) “Martin Luther: To the councilmen of all cities in Germany”, Wittenberg, Lucas Cranach and Christian Döring, 1524 (Photo: German Museum of Books and Writing)
Historians agree: without the pamphlet, Martin Luther’s ideas would never have been able to reach and convince so many. So what could be more appropriate in the Year of Luther than to devote... More information

GOD’S WORK AND WORD IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES. Art in the Context of the Reformation

24.11.2016 bis 01.01.2018

Oath bible of the Leipzig council (Photo: Christoph Sandig)
The GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts will be presenting a new perspective on exhibits from the permanent exhibition, emphasising the context of the Reformation. Sculptures, goldsmiths’ works,... More information

GIVING SPACE TO THOUGHTS. Artists Design Rooms for Contemplation

24.11.2016 bis 28.05.2017

“On this side”, Héctor Solari (Photo: Peter Fiebig)
Ten artists have been invited to design rooms for free, individual spirituality and meditation to mark the Reformation Jubilee. Their perspectives vary, from sensually touch-based and acoustic... More information