Hear the St. Thomas Boys Choir live

Friday and Saturday in St. Thomas Church
auerbachs Keller

Luther spent time at Auerbachs Keller

The inn belonged to a friend of the reformer

St. Thomas Church in Leipzig

Where Luther preached and Bach called the tune
Auf Entdeckungstour durch Leipzig

On a tour of discovery through Leipzig

Luther memorial plaque in St. Thomas Church
Altes Rathaus

You can only see this here

Admire Luther’s wife’s original wedding ring in the Old City Hall

Leipzig – City of the Disputation

When you think of Martin Luther and Leipzig, the first thing that comes to mind is the Leipzig Disputation. Held almost 500 years ago in the summer of 1519, this public debate between Martin Luther and the theologian Johann Eck, a loyal supporter of the pope, was a crucial factor in Luther’s eventual split from the Roman Catholic church. The Disputation was held at Pleißenburg Castle, where the New City Hall stands today. Yet there are also many other sites with connections to Luther and the Disputation around Leipzig, including the Paulinum University Church of St. Paul on Augustusplatz, former seat of the theological faculty, and St. Thomas Church, where the Disputation opened and closed. Come to Leipzig and retrace the history of the Disputation!