St. Thomas Church in Leipzig

Where Luther preached and Bach called the tune

St. Thomas Boys Choir

St.Thomas Boys Choir (Foto: LTM/Dirk Brzoska)
Dating back over 800 years, the St. Thomas Boys Choir is Leipzig’s oldest cultural asset. The boys choir has been in existence since 1212, when the Margrave of Meissen founded the St. Thomas Augustinian Canons (Augustiner-Chorherrenstift zu St. Thomas). Much has changed  over the centuries, but even today the choirboys of St. Thomas still live in the boarding school and attend St. Thomas School. The young choristers are dedicated to the upkeep of sacred music and, of course, of Bach’s legacy. They are not only to be heard here in Leipzig; they also carry the sound of the city all over the world on their regular concert tours.