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The Luther Trail in Saxony

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The Luther Trail in Saxony
The Luther Trail in Saxony (Map: Tourismusverband Sächsisches Burgen- und Heideland e. V.)
The Luther Trail in Saxony leads to a number of locations where Martin Luther, his wife and other reformers lived and worked. The circular trail, which covers some 550 km, forms part of the German Luther Trail network and connects to paths in Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. Click on the picture at left to enlarge the map.

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In Luther’s day, Torgau and its Renaissance castle Hartenfels were the main residence of the Ernestine line of Electors of Saxony and an important centre for the Reformation: in 1544, the castle chapel was consecrated by Martin Luther as the first newly built Protestant church. Luther’s wife Katharina is buried in the town, in the Church of St. Mary. Johann Walter, publisher of the first Protestant choral hymn book and a close friend of Martin Luther, was choirmaster in Torgau from 1526.


Martin Luther travelled to Borna on many occasions. Here he visited his friend Michael von der Strassen, a strong advocate of the Reformation, and preached several times in the Church of St. Mary in the town. Today this is located on Martin-Luther-Platz, right next to its little sister, the Emmaus Church. In a spectacular undertaking the village church was moved from Heuersdorf to Borna in 2007.

Nimbschen Convent

At Easter 1523 the nun Katharina von Bora escaped from the Cistercian convent in Nimbschen near Grimma together with eight other sisters, from which time she lived in Wittenberg. Two years later she married Martin Luther, with whom she then had six children.